The Bay Area Is In A Housing Crisis. Whom Will You Trust?

Putting An End To Tenant Harassment

Tenants have important rights. Unfortunately, the tension between landlords and tenants often runs high throughout California, and landlords do not always respect tenants’ rights. Fortunately, many Bay Area communities have specific tenant harassment ordinances that can provide an extra layers of protection for residents.

If you face harassment from your landlord, you do not have to give in. Instead, a thorough attorney can actively protect your rights. I’m attorney Aaron Darsky, and I can shield you from further harassment by standing up for your rights as a tenant.

What Your Landlord Cannot Do

Many tenants wonder which actions count as harassment versus justifiable responses or rental disputes. Knowing your rights is the first step to gaining legal protection. Landlords cannot violate your rights, but too many landlords overstep boundaries through several methods, such as:

  • Raising the rent during an existing lease agreement
  • Demanding advance payments or additional costs not stated in the lease agreement
  • Refusing or failing to repair or safely maintain the property
  • Changing the locks, restricting utilities or making the property inaccessible to the tenant
  • Entering the property without the tenant’s permission except in an eligible situation with prior notice or in an emergency
  • Asking tenants about their immigration status
  • Wrongfully evicting or threatening to evict the tenant

Furthermore, your landlord cannot retaliate against you for standing up for your rights. If you are not sure whether your landlord is harassing you, I can listen to your experiences and determine whether taking legal action is in your best interest.

Why Some Landlords Harass Tenants – And How To Stop It

In many cases, landlords are aware that they are using manipulative tactics to pressure you into breaking your lease early and voluntarily. Since they know they have no grounds for eviction, these tactics are a shortcut that may spare them expenses and potentially losing an eviction action.

You Have Rights

No matter why a landlord might want you to leave the property, they must respect your rights and follow the proper procedures. I understand how to take the right steps to hold a landlord accountable for illegal tenant harassment. I will not allow landlords to get away with violating your rights or harassing you.

Passionate Representation For Tenants

Based in San Francisco, I, Aaron Darsky, Esq., have a deep understanding of the local ordinances and state laws that may apply to your case. We can assess your situation and present your options at a consultation. Call me at 415-515-4220 or email the firm to get started today.