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Your Home Is Your Sanctuary – Protect It

As a tenant in California, you are afforded certain rights regarding the place in which you live. One of the most basic and most easily violated rights is habitability.

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Your Right To Have Livable Housing

Most residential leases across the country include an implied warranty of habitability. Tenants have the right to live in habitable spaces, and landlords have a legal responsibility to maintain those spaces. When a rental property falls into serious disrepair, property owners must be held responsible for bringing the property back up to California building codes.

A Responsibility For Proper Maintenance

While the cleanliness of the rental property is usually the responsibility of the tenant, the landlord should be responsible for such maintenance tasks as:

  • Keeping hallways, stairwells and exits clean and free of obstruction
  • Preventing needless interruption of basic utilities, including water, electricity, heat and plumbing
  • Removing hazardous materials promptly and safely
  • Providing reasonable protection against criminal activity
  • Maintaining the building’s structural integrity
  • Handling rodent or insect infestations promptly and safely

Your right to habitability extends to major problems that make your rental space unlivable. For instance, stained walls or a broken heater in July would not affect the livability of your space, but walls coated in lead paint or a broken air conditioner in July would.

Why Is Habitability A Concern?

Failing to provide a habitable space violates your tenants’ rights, but habitability has a broader implication when it comes to rent-controlled living spaces. Without the ability to increase their profits from year to year, landlords are less invested in paying for the cost of repairs and maintenance of rent-controlled units. As these properties become less habitable, tenants leave, providing opportunities to raise rent prices significantly.

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