The Bay Area Is In A Housing Crisis. Whom Will You Trust?

Fully Committed To Protecting Tenants

Your home is central to your life, and rent is likely among the highest expenses in your household budget. You deserve to feel stable and comfortable at home. However, conflicts can threaten your lease and your rights.

I, Aaron Darsky, am committed to ensure that tenants do not have to needlessly sacrifice their home, money, safety or rights. I have nearly 20 years of experience as an attorney, and I am confident that I can help you.

Focused On Tenants’ Rights Throughout The Bay Area

California is rife with affordable housing shortages, rental hikes and other major problems. If your landlord does something that does not seem fair or legal, call me to get a professional opinion. You can rely on my firm, Aaron Darsky, Esq. for a variety of issues, such as:

Because every city and local government has unique rules for landlords and renters, attorney Aaron Darsky looks at each case with a fresh perspective. He customizes an individualized legal approach that pursues resolution of your tenant matter.

Certified And Prepared For Trial

In a landlord/tenant dispute that requires court intervention, your trial strategy will be critical. I am a certified specialist in litigation, which means that I have the unique training to effectively represent you in civil court. I can work with you to gather evidence and form an argument that fully protects your rights.

Get A Detailed Case Evaluation

Lease disputes, habituation problems and tenants’ rights cases are highly complicated matters. If you face an issue with your landlord, another tenant or other parties, call me today at the office of Aaron Darsky, Esq., at 415-515-4220. You can also email the firm to schedule a consultation at my San Francisco office.