The Bay Area Is In A Housing Crisis. Whom Will You Trust?

Tenants across San Francisco, Oakland and the surrounding metro areas are vulnerable to landlord misconduct. Aaron Darsky, Esq., advocates for residents when their housing issues need legal intervention.

Areas Of Practice

Is Your Residence Up To Code?

Habitability defects affect more renters than you think, and landlords can be held accountable.

Facing Eviction Or Rent Hikes?

Landlords must abide by rent ordinances and other tenants’ rights laws. Enforce your rights.

Is Your Landlord Harassing You?

Renters have the right to live free of harassment. Even if there is conflict, you deserve respect.

Landlord And Tenant Conflicts Are On The Rise

Thousands of renters will go to court this year in the Bay Area. Too few of them will approach court with a strong knowledge base or the preparation needed to take on an established landlord or rental company. At Aaron Darsky, Esq., we work to even the playing field between owners and renters.

Every day, attorney Aaron Darsky works with people like you who need help navigating complex rental ordinances and state laws that affect your rights as a renter. With his years of knowledge, experience and focus on your side, he can ensure that your living situation is managed with dignity and respect.

Do You Know Your Rights?

Right now, the internet is filled with listicles and op-eds about renters’ rights, giving you “helpful tips” and telling you “things your landlord doesn’t want you to know.” But much of the information on renters’ rights in our area is confused. There are so many landlord tenant ordinances, and the specific city or township in which you live will impact your case.

Aaron Darsky, Esq., focuses exclusively on tenant law, meaning that the firm works with nuanced and specific ordinances. We can help you advocate for your rights, whether you live in downtown San Francisco or in a suburb of San Jose. Do not fall prey to misinformation. If you are negotiating with your landlord or taking them to court, work with an attorney who fully understands the law.