The Bay Area Is In A Housing Crisis. Whom Will You Trust?

Providing Protection From Unfair Rent Hikes And Eviction

Prospective tenants place their trust in landlords to use ethical business practices when they agree to a lease. Unfortunately, the relationship between tenants and landlords can become strained easily, requiring third parties to step in and resolve disputes.

When legal matters arise that put your living situation at stake, you need advocacy that you can trust. At Aaron Darsky, Esq., we are working to help mitigate the effects of California’s housing crisis on tenants with honest and zealous advocacy.

Rent Control In California

When rent prices rise faster than wages, tenants are displaced from their previously affordable homes, feeding into a constant turnover of rental properties and reducing the amount of affordable housing. Residential stability and affordable rent prices are crucial to supporting local economies and fostering diversity across neighborhoods.

California recently passed statewide legislation to prevent landlords from implementing unfair rent practices. The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 limits rent increases to 5%, plus inflation, per year. This rate applies to rentals more than 15 years old and in cities without existing rent control legislation.

The Tenant Protection Act, however, did not implement a reporting system for tenants whose landlords violate the law. If you believe that a recent rent increase violates this law, a tenants’ rights attorney can help explain the next steps you should take to protect yourself from unfair practices.

Eviction Control In California

The Tenant Protection Act includes language to protect renters from being unfairly evicted. Landlords are not required to provide just cause for an eviction. “Just cause” includes an array of justifications, including:

  • Failing to pay rent
  • Committing or maintaining a nuisance
  • Engaging in criminal activity
  • Illegally subletting space in violation of the lease terms

Renters who have occupied the rental property for a specified period are allowed the opportunity to remedy a violation to avoid being evicted.

The law includes violations of the lease as an example of “just cause.” Leases are notorious for the inclusion of all-encompassing language. If you believe that you have been evicted unfairly or the justification for your eviction was vague, I can help assess your situation and explain your legal options.

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